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Real estate rental service

Service  LOCALRENTING Wynajem nieruchomości bez pośredników.is directed to private persons renting or looking for a property to rent in Warsaw.

Deciding to create this service, we took into account the dynamic development of the rental market and the gap in this type of services on the Polish market.

Existing companies,not very often branches of large foreign concerns, do not know the realities of the market and the needs of the Polish client and are not interested in providing services for individual units generating relatively small profit. The websites they manage usually have an artificially enlarged database of outdated ads or links to agencies and real estate agents or other paid services. By registering in them and paying for a subscription, the user has no guarantee that he will find the right rental property. 

Service Localrenting.pl only contains advertisements from the owners or from those who have appropriate authorizations to manage them. Therefore, there is no intermediary here and, above all, there is direct contact between only two interested parties. 

All posted ads have a strictly defined "expiration date", after which they are archived, or are renewed if they are still valid. Therefore, the user is very confident in viewing current ads with rental properties available on the market. 

You will find here and you can place ads for renting a property and a temporary job offer for free.

In Localrenting.pl you can place or find in it advertisements of private persons offering a room for rent, a flat for rent, an apartment for rent, a house for rent, and commercial advertisements such as a commercial property for rent, a production hall for rent, office for rent, warehouse for rent, ...  

In one place you can place your advertisement as a person looking for or offering real estate for rent,as well as you can offer your help in performing small housework or report a need for a person to do such work.

Finding a person who will help when moving, will repair a broken lock in the wardrobe door, will renew the flat after the tenants or will offer help with looking after the child or the elderly will not be much easier. Temporary job offers posted by you are addressed to individuals who want to earn extra money in a spare time and are able to do the job.Many housework does not require qualifications, but the will to do and dedicate free time. Such work can be done by students or non-working people and all who have the time, skills and willingness to do the proposed work. Only registered persons have access to the ads, thanks to this it is a service safe for users.  We also have the option of posting your opinion about the rented property or the contractor for the job. The rating system provides registered users with the opinions of other users and the selection of a positively evaluated property or a reliable employee.

Ease of registration, low cost of use and, above all, a wide range of current rental ads are undoubtedly a great value for all users of the website LOCALRENTING Wynajem nieruchomości bez pośredników.

We hope that you will be satisfied with the quality of services offered and participate with us in the development of this service.


LOCALRENTING Wynajem nieruchomości bez pośredników