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Goals and users of the site

Private rental ads

The goal of creating this site is willingness to help people looking for a property to rent and to connect easier with private individuals offering such real estate.

This is a website for people who do not want to deal with a real estate agent or any other companies or people who charge high commissions for their services without a guarantee of success.

This site is dedicated to private individuals , those who are looking for real estate for satisfying their own housing needs and who want to be able to directly contact the owners of the property.

S ervice LOCALRENTING Wynajem nieruchomości bez pośredników. is easy to use database of private property ads for rent and temporary job placement ads related to the needs of the real estate market.

This is a free service forever for people offering rental properties. It is targeted for property owners and their potential tenants. It gives the opportunity to enter and search for non-commercial real estate /housing, flats and rooms /and commercial real estate /production halls, warehouses, office spaces, service points, shopping stores, .. /

You can register yourself in both as a person offering as well as a person seeking , and make full use of the functionality of this database.
If you have a property to rent, you register as an offering person and your ads will be visible to people looking for real estates for rent. If, however, you are looking for a contractor for small housework such as assistance in moving, renewing the apartment after the tenants, repairing the broken lock, bringing and assembling the purchased wardrobe, ... etc. then you have to register as a seeker and your announcements will be visible to those who offer the work.

Base of private property for rent

Only people registered in the system have access to the database. To place your ad you must log in after registering yourself as an offering person or as a real estate seeker.
Entering data into the system takes place through the forms created for this purpose. Every announcement of a person looking for a property for rent is registered in the system and remains in it until it finds a suitable property for rent. The database of introduced ads allows the presentation of their potential interested in renting a property in a specific location. Thanks to this, a person looking for a flat to rent, a room for rent or an office or a production hall for rent will only receive current real estate offers for rent only from the searched area. You wont have to browse outdated already offers and offers from other regions that you are not interested for. The exact address of the property and the contact details of the person offering the property for rent will be visible only to the person logged in as a real estate seeker and who has entered the appropriate access code for specific offers.


W e are seeking to shorten the search time by the person searching for it and find his dreamed property as soon as possible .
If there are offers in the system that meet the expectations of the seeker, they are immediately displayed so that you can read them immediately. In the case of the lack of offers that meet the given criteria, this announcement is sent to our sales team, whose task is to find potential bidders of such properties. The seeker is not left alone in the process of searching for a property after registering on the website www.localrenting.pl.

A similar rule also applies to landlords interest in renting their property, i.e. in the absence of applicants, our sales team is responsible for finding potential tenants and offering them.

Database of job offerors and job seekers

LOCALRENTING Wynajem nieruchomości bez pośredników. is also a service for private individuals who have time, willingness and ability to do small housework.

By registering as a person offering or seeking, you also get access to the database of job vacancies addressed to those who do minor housework and who are looking for contractors for such work.

This is a site offering a wide range of services related to the real estate market for rent.


LOCALRENTING Wynajem nieruchomości bez pośredników